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The foundation of Icinga Web 2 is a very powerful framework. It takes care of authentication, authorisation, and the database access. Even Icinga Web 2 provides everything you need to start your infrastructure monitoring there could be a demand for more. You need graphs, business processes or just a link to your trouble ticketing system. Modules extend and expand Icinga Web 2 functionality and provide an unified way to extend your monitoring environment.

Icinga Director

Developed as an Icinga Web 2 module it aims to be your new favorite Icinga config deployment tool. Even if you prefer plain text files and manual configuration, chances are good that the Director will change your mind. Icinga Director has been designed to make Icinga 2 configuration handling easy. It tries to target two main audiences:

  • Users with the desire to completely automate their datacenter
  • Sysops willing to grant their “point & click” users a lot of flexibility

What makes Icinga Director so special is the fact that it tries to target both of them at once.

Business Process for Icinga Web 2

Sometimes it is not enough to monitor a simple service, process, or server. You need an application overview and you want to create rules which express your overall system state. Business Process for Icinga Web 2 provide a graphical editor and make it easy to keep an eye on your business services. The modules provides the following functionality:

  • Tree or list business process overview
  • Simulation for complex service rules
  • Web-based rule editor
  • Plugin for Icinga integration

Business Process for Icinga Web 2 ist just one click away.

Grafana Integration

Grafana is a popular frontend for metric dashboards. It allows to configure different backends (Graphite, InfluxDB, etc.) and work with metrics in an elegant and comfortable way. This module is maintained by our community – thanks a lot Carsten!

  • Integrate Grafana graphs into the Icinga Web 2 detail area
  • Configure Grafana and its datasources (where you manage additional dashboards)
  • Global and per graph configuration options (width, height)
  • Match dashboards based on names & check commands for better templating

Grafana for Icinga Web 2 is just one click away.

PNP Integration

PNP is very popular RRD based graphic add-on for Icinga. Installation is easy and performance data comes with a piece of cake. The module provides the following functionality:

  • Integrates multiple overview graphs into the Icinga Web 2 detail area
  • Allows you to access the full featured PNP detail area
  • Support for zooming and basket in PNP

PNP for Icinga Web 2 is just one click away.

Generic TTS for Icinga Web 2

Generic TTS implements Icinga Web 2’s ticket hook for replacing ticket patterns with links to your trouble ticket system (TTS). Icinga Web 2’s core module monitoring for example uses the ticket hook for acknowledgements, downtimes and comments. Other modules may use the ticket hook for all kinds of text too.

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