Icinga Services

Our Partners Offer Qualified Services To Make Icinga Even More Awesome

Our partners service offer

Our partners provide a wide range of services around Icinga and our partners have a deep understanding of Open Source Monitoring using Icinga and also a lot of supported tools that work great with it. All our partners have an extensive experience with our products and make sure that using Icinga will be a success.

Icinga Training

We provide a comprehensive training delivered through our parters. You will gain indepth inside in the Open Source Monitoring sofware Icinga, its add-ons as well as the monitoring of modern IT infrastructure. Best practices and the brand new Icinga Web 2 are also a big part of that training.

Icinga Support

Icinga support offers an unique combination of first class support delivered through our partners and an exclusive third level support delivered by our core developers. Our support is available in various levels and is best way to keep your system up and running every time.

Icinga Professional Services

Setting up Icinga should be easy but at some point it happens you to all of us. You need help! Our partners provide comprehensive knowledge and longtime experience designing and deploying Icinga infrastructures. They help you designing, deploying and maintaining Icinga over time and make sure your Icinga will be a success.

Want to provide services as well?

You have comprehensive experience with Icinga and want to provide to services to help our users. Great, apply for a partnership.

Here you go!