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Icinga Director 1.3.1 and Business Process 2.1.0

I’m glad to announce new minor/patch releases for two Icinga Web modules. We tagged the Icinga Director v1.3.1 on Friday, the Business Process module v2.1.0 followed yesterday.


Icinga Director 1.3.1

The Director release focuses on usability improvements and bug fixing. Most effort has been put into the newly introduced Service Sets and related Custom Variable overrides. Other fixes and improvements handle the multi-edit functionality, the REST API, configuration rendering bugs, performance tuning and more. Please read our Changelog for all the details.

Should I upgrade, you might ask? Absolutely!


Business Process 2.1.0

Our new Business Process module minor release targets border cases like missing or unbound nodes and does a better job in highlighting and allowing to deal with them:

Quite some time has been spent on fixing/improving features that are still hidden/undocumented, like fine-grained ACLs and imports of process nodes making part of foreign configuration files. As a first step to give restrictions more visibility, a simpler prefix-based variant has been added:

This allows you to easily grant your users read (or even write) access to only a specific subset of Business Process configurations. Is the release worth an upgrade? Sure, check the full Changelog.


We are going to Berlin … and San Francisco!

We’re going to Berlin … again! After last year’s overwhelming feedback and many Icinga or soon-to-become Icinga users we decided to make it happen again. Tickets are still available, so hurry up and meet us at Icinga Camp Berlin on the 7th of March 2017 in Berlin at the Kalkscheune!

The event location is top notch, I promise. Not only for the audience with a huge space for talks but also speakers will certainly enjoy the atmosphere. And I bet there won’t be much time to breath but coffee breaks will be used to talk, exchange, discuss and what not. In the end you’ve also got the chance to meet many of the Icinga developers and ask your questions. Or just say hi and have a beer or a G&T with us ;-)

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Icinga 2.6.2 Release

We’re happy to announce another minor release for Icinga 2. This release only addresses a single bug which can cause Icinga to crash when it’s trying to remove configuration files for objects which were deleted (such as comments and downtimes for hosts and services which don’t exist anymore).

Packages for Icinga 2.6.2 for the officially supported distributions should be available shortly.

Monthly Snap January: Releases and Updates


The new revamped Puppet module for Icinga 2 was officially released and uploaded to PuppetForge. We’ve also released the new shiny Icinga Director 1.3.0 followed by the beautiful Business Process module 2.0.0 for Icinga Web 2.

Icinga 2 v2.6.1 and Icinga Web 2 v2.4.1 fix bugs we’ve come across after releasing the initial major versions. There also was a release for Icinga Core and Web 1.14 fixing several bugs and security issues.

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Icinga 2.6.1 Release

We have just released another minor update for Icinga 2. Version 2.6.1 addresses a number of issues we identified in 2.6.0 and is also at the same time the first release after our recent migration to GitHub.

Two of the fixes in this version are for crash bugs which affect reloading Icinga and passing unusually large amounts of command arguments or environment variables to child processes. There are also some documentation changes and a few other smaller bug fixes. Unlike with previous minor releases we decided not to include any ITL changes this time.

An exhaustive list of all tickets solved in 2.6.1 can be found on GitHub. Packages for 2.6.1 should become available shortly.

There’s also a recently-released new version of Icinga Web 2 (2.4.1) which introduces fixes for a few minor problems our users have reported.