Release, Release, Release

Good news for those who prefer to always run stable versions in production. No more need to feel uncomfortable with running the latest master or a support branch in production. We decided to tag patch releases for many of our Icinga Web 2 modules more frequently.

Allow me to announce that today we released Director v1.4.1, Fileshipper v1.0.1, Cube v1.0.1, AWS 0.6.0 and PuppetDB v1.0.0. In future there will not be a big announcement for all patch releases all the times. So please follow our projects on GitHub in case you want to make sure to always run the latest and greatest stable release.

Releasing v2.0 of the Icinga Web 2 Puppet Module

It’s been a while since we have released a new version of our Icinga Web 2 Puppet module. Today we’re happy to announce v2.0 of this module, available on Puppet Forge. We reworked the whole module, with new mechanisms and features that make it easy to install and configure Icinga Web 2 and many of its modules. The new module enables you to configure every possible setting of Icinga Web 2 and is compatible with Puppet starting from version 4.7. Here’s a brief introduction with some examples: read more…

Releasing the Icinga Output for Logstash v1.1.0

A couple of months ago we introduced the Icinga Output Plugin for Logstash. Today we’re happy to announce v1.1.0. This release includes functionality to dynamically create objects in Icinga 2 and set their state based on incoming events.

With the first release of the Icinga Output Plugin you could run several actions through the Icinga 2 API. Setting the state of a host or service, add comments, set downtimes and many more that we described in an earlier blogpost.

Creating Objects

Logstash is often used for log management and as we know, logs are unpredictable (in many cases). Probably, not everything that is sending logs to your Logstash server is also configured in your monitoring system, but knowing about certain events in your infrastructure would help you to solve issues easier.

This release adds the functionality to create hosts and services in Icinga 2 dynamically, based on the events flowing into Logstash. The defined action then is applied to the newly created objects. As a result you can easily create a host or service on demand, and directly set its state.

Here’s an example configuration:

output {
  icinga {
    host             => ['', '']
    user             => 'logstash'
    password         => 'supersecret'
    ssl_verify       => true
    action           => 'process-check-result'
    action_config    => {
      exit_status    => "%{exit_status}"
      plugin_output  => "%{message}"
    icinga_host      => "logstash %{hostname}"
    icinga_service   => "%{program}
    create_object    => true
    object_templates => ['logstash-service']

Monthly Snap September: Releases, User Stories and Icinga Camp New York

September brought new releases for Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. We’ve also announced Icinga Camp New York on December 5th, 2017. Community members worked hard to bring you Ruby and Python libraries while we also say hi to Nagstamon 3.0 this month.

One important thing first: We are so proud to see Icinga used in many places. This month Ricardo told us that a part of German Telekom is using Icinga 2 with >500.000 services in production. This makes us soooooooo proud 💕

read more…