Icinga 2 Fundamentals

With this Icinga 2 fundamentals training you will get an overview of the new configuration format. You will gain in-depth inside in the Open Source Monitoring software Icinga, its add-ons as well as the monitoring of modern IT infrastructure. Best practices and the brand new Icinga Web 2 are also a big part of that training.

Icinga 2 Advanced

Build on the foundations of the fundamentals course, you’ll learn the advanced monitoring features coming with Icinga 2. Among high availability and cluster concepts you will gain insights into database, Java and VMWare monitoring. Integration with tools like Logstash and Graphite is another important part of the advanced training.

Upcoming trainings

10.07.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsNurembergGermanyNETWAYS GmbHRegister
16.07.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsZurichSwitzerlandLinuxfabrikRegister
06.08.20183 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedDuesseldorf/NeussGermanyLanworks AGRegister
20.08.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsZurichSwitzerlandLinuxfabrikRegister
03.09.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsDuesseldorf/NeussGermanyLanworks AGRegister
13.09.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsZurichSwitzerlandLinuxfabrikRegister
18.09.20183 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedNurembergGermanyNETWAYS GmbHRegister
26.09.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsThe HagueNetherlandsOlinDataRegister
01.10.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsZurichSwitzerlandLinuxfabrikRegister
09.10.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsNurembergGermanyNETWAYS GmbHRegister
23.10.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsHannoverGermanyaxxeo GmbHRegister
20.11.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsZurichSwitzerlandLinuxfabrikRegister
20.11.20183 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedNurembergGermanyNETWAYS GmbHRegister
10.12.20184 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsZurichSwitzerlandLinuxfabrikRegister

Icinga 2 Fundamentals Training

Installation of Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2

  • Install and configure Icinga 2 packages
  • Installation of Monitoring Plugins
  • Setting up the database for the DB IDO feature
  • Configuration validation and troubleshooting hints
  • Install Icinga Web 2 step by step using the web setup wizard

Icinga remote clients

  • Classic remote clients by example (NRPE, SSH, SNMP, NSClient++)
  • Icinga 2 Agent as remote node and command execution bridge
  • Troubleshooting & scenario discussion

Configuration basics and best practices

  • Overview of the Icinga 2 configuration language
  • Main configuration, constants and global definitions
  • Icinga Template Library, object and value types
  • Best practice on configuration structure
  • Constants, Templates and Custom Attributes
  • Check commands and plugin integration by example
  • Add your hosts and apply services based on patternsGroup membership
  • Alert Notifications and Dependencies for network reachability

Graphing Addons

  • Installation of PNP4Nagios
  • Integration with Icinga 2’s PerfdataWriter feature
  • Seamingless integration into Icinga Web 2

Icinga 2 Advanced Training

Distributed Monitoring and High Availability

  • Generation of SSL CA and certificates
  • Cluster configuration including zone model for permissions
  • Cluster health checks and configuration synchronisation
  • Master-Checker and High-Availability by practical example
  • Discuss scenarios and possible design problems

Database and Java Monitoring

  • Overview of scenarios and check plugins
  • Monitoring MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MSSQL databases
  • Installation and Configuration of plugins

Java Application Monitoring

  • Java Monitoring Extensions (JMX) Overview
  • Jolokia and JMX4Perl by practical example

Configuration and API

  • Icinga 2 REST API
  • Web based configuration with Icinga Director

Log Monitoring

  • Scenario and plugins overview
  • Plugins by example (e.g. check_logfiles)
  • Centralized solution by practical example (Logstash)

VMWare Monitoring

  • Available check plugins
  • VMWare Perl SDK

Real time Monitoring with Graphite

  • Add real-time checks to Icinga 2
  • Enable the GraphiteWriter feature
  • Discuss possible use-case scenarios

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