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An Icinga Support Subscription provides expert technical assistance for implementing solutions designed to cover your entire monitoring infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to focus on your business.

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Our partners provide individual pricing as well first and second level support. Icinga backs them with comprehensive knowledge and development experience on any issue if necessary.

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Support Matrix


Server components include everything from the Icinga product line that is necessary to run a Master or Satellite setup. This includes:

Server components of the Icinga ecosystem are generally supported on the latest LTS version of the most common Linux distributions. To provide a smooth upgrade option, previous LTS versions overlap with a period of 6 months. This leads to the following support matrix for server components:

OSSupported OS VersionSupported Until OS VersionPHP
RHEL / CentOS787.1-SCL


Running Icinga 2 as an agent requires less functionality than a Master or Satellite setup. Icinga as an agent is supported in a wider range of operating systems and versions. Running Icinga 2 in agent mode includes the following features:

  • All logging methods
  • Checker Feature
  • API Feature

Support for Icinga 2 Agent ends if the OS support ends automatically.  Following operating systems are supported for the Icinga 2 Agent:

OSSupported Versions  
Ubuntu16.04 18.04
RHEL / CentOS67
WindowsServer 2008Server 2012

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