Icinga 2

Make the way for the next generation.


Multi-threaded and fast

We’ve seen one instance run 1 million active checks a minute to monitor 60,000 hosts without a creak.

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Shipped to suit all needs

Icinga 2 comes with IDO, performance data writers, Livestatus and their related libraries. Simply (de)activate with a soft link command.

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Easy to extend

Performance graphers, network visualizers, notification managers… Integrate add-ons with ease, thanks to Icinga 2’s multiple backends.

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Performance monitoring in real-time

Icinga 2 supports Graphite and InfluxDB natively. Thanks to a direct TCP connection, you can enjoy real-time performance graphing with little system load.

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Config - Apply, Assign where, Ignore where rules

 No fuss configuration

Define object, define template, apply and repeat. Add conditional behaviours and configuration in Icinga 2 is not just intuitive, but also intelligently adaptive at runtime.

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Distributed monitoring out-of-the-box

Load balancing of checks, notifications and database updates. Configuration and program-state replication. All autonomous, all in real-time, and all easier than ever before.

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