The monitoring module provides an additional set of restrictions and permissions that can be used for access control. The following sections will list those restrictions and permissions in detail:


The monitoring module allows to send commands to an Icinga 2 instance. A user needs specific permissions to be able to send those commands when using the monitoring module.

Name Permits
monitoring/command/* Allow all commands.
monitoring/command/schedule-check Allow scheduling host and service checks.
monitoring/command/acknowledge-problem Allow acknowledging host and service problems.
monitoring/command/remove-acknowledgement Allow removing problem acknowledgements.
monitoring/command/comment/* Allow adding and deleting host and service comments.
monitoring/command/comment/add Allow commenting on hosts and services.
monitoring/command/downtime/delete Allow deleting host and service downtimes.
monitoring/command/process-check-result Allow processing host and service check results.
monitoring/command/feature/instance Allow processing commands for toggling features on an instance-wide basis.
monitoring/command/feature/object Allow processing commands for toggling features on host and service objects.
monitoring/command/send-custom-notification Allow sending custom notifications for hosts and services.


The monitoring module allows filtering objects:

Keys Restricts
monitoring/filter/objects Applies a filter to all hosts and services.

This filter will affect all hosts and services. Furthermore, it will also affect all related objects, like notifications, downtimes and events. If a service is hidden, all notifications, downtimes on that service will be hidden too.

Filter Column Names

The following filter column names are available in filter expressions:

Column Description
instance_name Filter on an Icinga 2 instance.
host_name Filter on host object names.
hostgroup_name Filter on hostgroup object names.
service_description Filter on service object names.
servicegroup_name Filter on servicegroup object names.
all custom variables prefixed with _host_ or _service_ Filter on specified custom variables.