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Icinga Director is very upgrade-friendly. We never had any complaint referring data loss on upgrade. But to be on the safe side, please always backup your database before running an upgrade.

Then drop the new version to your Icinga Web 2 module folder and you’re all done. In case you make use of the Job Runner, you should restart it’s service. Eventually refresh the page in your browser[1], and you are ready to go.

Should there any other actions be required (like schema migrations), you will be told so in your frontend.

Please read more about:

And last but not least, having a look at our Changelog is usually a good idea before applying an upgrade.

Always take a backup first

All you need for backing up your Director is a snapshot of your database. Please use the tools provided by your database backend, like mysqldump or pg_dump. Restoring from a backup is trivial, and Director will always be able to apply pending database migrations to an imported old database snapshot.

Upgrading to 1.3.0

In case you are running 1.2.0 or any GIT master since then, all you need is to replace the Director module folder with the new one. Or to run git checkout v1.3.0 in case you installed Director from GIT.

When running Director since 1.1.0 or earlier on PostgreSQL, you might not yet have the PostgreSQL crypto extension installed (Package: postgresql-contrib) and enabled:

 psql -q -c "CREATE EXTENSION pgcrypto;"

Upgrading to 1.2.0

There is nothing special to take care of. In case you are running 1.1.0 or any GIT master since then, all you need is to replace the Director module folder with the new one. Or to run git checkout v1.2.0 in case you installed Director from GIT.

Upgrading to 1.1.0

There is nothing special to take care of. In case you are running 1.0.0 or any GIT master since then, all you need is to replace the Director module folder with the new one. Or to run git checkout v1.1.0 in case you installed Director from GIT.

Work with the latest GIT master

Icinga Director is still a very young project. Lots of changes are going on, a lot of improvements, bug fixes and new features are still being added every month. People living on the bleeding edge might prefer to use all of them as soon as possible.

So here is the good news: this is no problem at all. It’s absolutely legal and encouraged to run Director as a pure GIT clone, installed as such:


Don’t worry about schema upgrades. Once they made it into our GIT master there will always be a clean upgrade path for you, no manual interaction should ever be required. Like every human being, we are not infallible. So, while our strict policy says that the master should never break, this might of course happen.

In that case, please let us know We’ll try to fix your issue as soon as possible.

Database schema migrations

In case there are any DB schema upgrades (and that’s still often the case) this is no problem at all. They will pop up on your Director Dashboard and can be applied with a single click. And if your Director is deployed automatically by and automation tool like Puppet, also schema upgrades can easily be handled that way. Just follow the related examples in our documentation.

Manual schema migrations

Please do not manually apply our schema migration files. We are very strict about our connection settings, encodings and SQL modes. Client encoding MUST be UTF-8, for MySQL and MariaDB we are using the following SQL Mode:


Our migration files are written based on the assumption that those rules are strictly followed, and there may be other ones in future. So please use one of the supported migration methods either on the web or on command line and stay away from directly interfering with the schema.

Restart the Job Runner service

The Job Runner forks it’s jobs, so usually a changed code base will take effect immediately. However, there might be (schema or code) changes involving the Runner process itself. To be on the safe side please always restart it after an upgrade, even when it’s just a quick git pull:

systemctl restart director-jobs.service


Downgrading is not supported. Most parts of the code will even refuse to work in case there are new fields in their database tables. Migrations are intentionally provided for upgrades only. In case you want to travel back in time please restore a matching former Database Backup.

[1]: Future Icinga Web 2 version will also take care of this step. We want to be able to have the latest JavaScript and CSS for any active module to be shipped silently without manual interaction to any connected browser within less then 15 seconds after the latest module has been installed, enabled or upgraded.