Open Source Infrastructure and Service Monitoring

Icinga supports all major configuration management solutions like Puppet, Chef or Ansible. In addition our superior REST API allows you to configure Icinga as often as you want.

Add, delete or modify resources to keep up with your Microservice infrastructure.

Users around the world trust Icinga and use it up to environments of 750.000 services.

Supporting all legacy plugins, Icinga is the perfect replacement for an old monitoring system based on Nagios. Of course from others as well.

Icinga’s strength comes with the support of a wide area of Open Source source tools for datacenter orchestration and management.

Sending metrics to Graphite or InfluxDB, shipping logs to Elastic or Graylog? Enabling the feature is all to need to do!

Availability and security is nothing you should relinquish in Open Source. Icinga’s REST API as well the Icinga Web 2 provide a solid framework for authentication and authorisation.

The possibility to grant fine granular access to limited objects should be and is free.

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Icinga is an Open Source project and will always be 100% free to use. Thanks to our great monitoring community there is help if you need it. Visit our get help page to see how to get in touch.

Enterprise Support

Together with our partners we also offer different support subscriptions for those who want professional assistance. Get help from the people who developed Icinga.

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