Agenda d.o.o.

About Agenda

Agenda d.o.o. Company is the largest Slovenian provider of Open Source software, that combines the full range of services throughout the cycle of analysis, planning, implementation and use of the solutions.

All in one place: consulting, installations and configurations, migrations and integrations, maintenance and management, assured performance and education as well as assistance for all types of users.

For implementation projects we provide complete services, without unnecessary financial risk and with predictable functional, time and financial objectives:

  • Proven implementation methodologies with predictable time and financial frameworks,
  • Minimum time between a decision to the effective use of Open Source software in practice
  • Use of best practices and extensive experience in the implementation and use
  • Good knowledge of analysis and modeling of business processes using standard tools and formats
  • Experience in integration of business – organizational needs and technological skills
  • Complete training program for end users and administrators
  • Quality localization and translation, and close cooperation with the development community

Agenda d.o.o

Ul. Pohorskega bataljona 49
SI-2000 Maribor

+386 2 421 61 31