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The beauty of Icinga lies in its modularity. Take a core, add a UI, then tack on plugins and addons as you need. In three steps you will have a fully fledged monitoring system tailored to your environment.

As Icinga is licensed under GPL it is completely free to use, distribute and modify.

Icinga Repositories

Our official Icinga repositories provide the most recent packages. Find more operating systems at the Community Respositories

Plugins and Add-Ons

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Community Repositories

Icinga is available for many distributions. If you don’t find your system in here, please help us bringing Icinga to your platform.

Consider reading the Getting Started documentation before proceeding.


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We welcome anyone to write about Icinga in publication or otherwise, and can assist with additional information and graphics. Below is the Icinga logo which can be used if you would like to recommend our Icinga project on your website. Thank you for your support!

Download Icinga 1

Shipped with Classic UI. Compatible with dynamic Icinga Web and Icinga Web 2 interfaces.