6.5. Installation of the Icinga Web Frontend

6.5.1. Introduction
6.5.2. Prerequisites
6.5.3. The installation
6.5.4. Settings
6.5.5. Use It!
6.5.6. Test & Errors?

6.5.1. Introduction

The new Icinga Web is under heavy development so please keep in mind that some information in this howto might change without any further notice. If you require more detailed information about installing, please check doc/INSTALL.

More information about the overall architecture can be found on our website: https://www.icinga.com/architecture/. If you want know more about Icinga web development and the module architecture, please check out the development wiki of Icinga Web: Icinga Wiki

This installation guide describes the installation of Icinga Web with MySQL or PostgreSQL as underlying database. Icinga Web also supports Oracle as database backend.

6.5.2. Prerequisites

6.5.3. The installation

6.5.4. Settings

There are two different sections:

* Settings of Icinga Web, especially database settings

* Settings of the Icinga API which is mandatory as data source

6.5.5. Use It!

Please ensure that your RDBMS, Apache, IDOUtils and Icinga are running!

Go to the webpath (http://localhost/icinga-web/) and check if the webinterface starts without exceptions (database connections web and api). You can login with user 'root' and password 'password'.

Have fun! :-)

6.5.6. Test & Errors?

The following collection shows some useful information how to resolve errors - and what you should provide when reporting an error to the mailing lists or http://www.icinga-portal.org:

Where to look?

Use /path/to/clearcache.sh

#> /usr/local/icinga-web/bin/clearcache.sh

Icinga Web shows a blank page?

Icinga Web does not show any data?

IDOUtils DB does not get filled with data?

Testing the Web (make sure PHPUnit is installed):

 $> make test
[Note] Note

If you are using your root account for testing then make sure in advance that the specified web user has a valid shell. Otherwise some tests might fail. Depending on the version used you might experience wrong permissions on /usr/local/icinga-web/log resulting in Icinga-Web showing "loading" coming to no end!

[Note] Note

Remember - changing the php settings in php.ini requires an Apache reload/restart!

If you have any updates on that please do not hesitate to report back! :-)