10.1. Icinga Addons

10.1.1. Introduction

10.1.1. Introduction

There are a lot of "addon" software packages that are available for Icinga. Addons can be used to extend Icinga's functionality or integrate Icinga with other applications.

Addons are available for:

You can find many addons for Icinga by visiting:

First we'll give a brief introduction to a few of the addons that Ethan Galstad developed for Nagios...


NRPE is an addon that allows you to execute plugins on remote Linux/Unix hosts. This is useful if you need to monitor local resources/attributes like disk usage, CPU load, memory usage, etc. on a remote host. Similiar functionality can be accomplished by using the check_by_ssh plugin, although it can impose a higher CPU load on the monitoring machine - especially if you are monitoring hundreds or thousands of hosts.

The NRPE addon can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nagios/files/nrpe-2.x/. You will find some documentation in the next section.


NSCA-ng (a replacement for NSCA) is an addon that allows you to send passive check results from remote Linux/Unix hosts to the Icinga daemon running on the monitoring server. This is very useful in distributed and redundant/failover monitoring setups.

The NSCA-ng addon can be found at http://www.nsca-ng.org/. Apart from that you will find some documentation on NSCA in the next section.


IDOUtils is an addon that allows you to store all status information from Icinga in a database. Multiple instances of Icinga can all store their information in a central database for centralized reporting. In the future it will probably be used as a basis for a PHP based web interface.

The IDOUtils addon install instructions can be found in the Quickstart-Idoutils and more documentation can be found at https://docs.icinga.com/.