Monitoring Windows Clients with Icinga 2 and local NSClient++ checks

Recently I wrote about the changes in NSClient++ 0.5.0 and its REST API capabilities. Icinga 2 bundles the NSClient++ installer and additional check commands in the “nscp-local” namespace for your convenience for a while already now.

The documentation highlights a short example for querying performance counters with the Icinga 2 client as command endpoint and local NSClient++ check plugin calls.

While testing the 0.5.0 integration I’ve also taken the steps of adding service checks for every available check command we have added so far to the Icinga 2 template library. I thought sharing this with you will hopefully generate feedback for documentation updates – how you are currently using NSClient++ in combination with the Icinga 2 client?

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Monthly Snap June: Icinga Camp Amsterdam, OSMC, RHEL Kernel, Debian Stretch & Release updates

June brought warm weather, cool events and new release updates. We’ve enjoyed Amsterdam quite a bit after the stressful week with the Kernel problems on RedHat. We’ve also learned more cool things about NagVis 1.9 and Debian Stretch. Read on below.

July is on its way and vacation aka offline not-on-call starts hopefully soon :)

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