Monthly Snap September: Releases, User Stories and Icinga Camp New York

September brought new releases for Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. We’ve also announced Icinga Camp New York on December 5th, 2017. Community members worked hard to bring you Ruby and Python libraries while we also say hi to Nagstamon 3.0 this month.

One important thing first: We are so proud to see Icinga used in many places. This month Ricardo told us that a part of German Telekom is using Icinga 2 with >500.000 services in production. This makes us soooooooo proud 💕


Icinga 2 v2.7.1 bugfix release

We’ve come around several issues with Icinga 2 v2.7.0 and fixed them with this new v2.7.1 release. It also contains other bug fixes requested by Icinga partners and their customer support (Livestatus, DB IDO downtimehistory).

There also was an issue with large configuration files being synced in distributed environments. Aside from the bugfix the configuration sync logs now tell you how many bytes will be synced for better debugging low bandwidth issues. Cluster setups could also run into the problem that the “Downtime End” event was not correctly updated in the IDO database history tables. (more…)

Monthly Snap August: Map module, integrations, OSMC & Icinga Camp Berlin 2018

August brought us the Icinga Web 2 Map module, tipps and tricks for Icinga and more integrations. The schedule for OSMC 2017 was announced, where developers and community members will meet and also give talks this time. Icinga Camp Berlin happens on March 8th, 2018 – CfP and early bird is open!

We’ve reached more than 1000 GitHub stars for our projects – thank you! (more…)

Advisory for Icinga 2 v2.7 Update and Mail Notification Scripts

You may have recognized that Icinga 2 v2.7 introduced new notification scripts. These came out of the interest we’ve seen in community scripts. So we decided to bring these scripts into Icinga 2 v2.7 making them available for everyone.

The scripts were designed to act as drop-in replacement with old 2.6.x configuration. Unfortunately several environment variables had been renamed. Testers didn’t catch this, so here is a summary for you what to fix and change in your scripts during an upgrade.

Note: These changes will be released in 2.7.1, still this requires your manual interaction beforehand. This advisory is to keep you informed and your notifications safe.